You should ask these questions in the Gym

If you want to become a member of a fitness studio, you should get an impression in advance during a trial session. It is important to pay attention to these points.

A gym membership can be the way to go to get moving. How do you find a studio that offers good training conditions? The Health Knowledge Foundation advises to pay attention to these things:

You should ask these questions in the Gym

1. Individual care

Which devices are for me? How many reps do I start with on the leg press? In order to find answers to these questions, you first have to know where you stand in sport.

Before the first training session, a specialist from the studio should assess your endurance, strength and mobility. Ideally, this results in an individual training plan that is tailored to the sporting goals.

The trainer should also show and explain the exercises and equipment to you at this appointment.

2. Qualified Personnel

The Health Knowledge Foundation advises asking in the studio what training the trainers have. In order to ensure good care, the staff should be qualified. This can be a sports science degree or training to become a sports or gymnastics teacher or physiotherapist.

3. Choice of exercise equipment

Endurance, strength, flexibility: You should be able to train all of these things in the studio – and you need different equipment for that. Cross trainers, treadmills and bicycle ergometers are suitable for endurance training. For example, free weights for strength training and wall bars, mats and wobble boards for mobility.

According to the Health Knowledge Foundation, a good studio should also offer enough space. This is the case when the training area is divided into different areas – i.e. when the equipment is separate from the dumbbells or there is a separate area for stretching exercises.

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4. Pay attention to certifications

There are also seals of approval for fitness studios. Tüv Süd, for example, certifies studios according to DIN 33961 if they meet certain equipment and operation requirements. However, according to the Health Knowledge Foundation, studios that do not bear a quality mark also often meet these requirements.

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