Valesca Popozuda launches hit and exalts political show

A little over a month ago for the Carnival, Valesca Popozuda already make plans for the commemorative date. The singer launches, this Friday (13/1), spinning popoa song featuring the participation of psychic and mixes pagode baiano with funk. In conversation with metropolisesthe artist also spoke of the emotion of singing at the inauguration of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

About the new hit bet, Valesca reveals that it was love at first sight. “I received the song a long time ago and I fell in love with it. I love the rhythm of Bahian pagode and I already wanted to make a nice mix, so I joined the carioca funk with the Bahian beat. I hope everyone likes it, because the music It’s delicious,” he explains.

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Regarding the release date of the song, Valesca said that everything was premeditated. “Music is the face of summer and the face of Carnival and, after two years without being able to enjoy it, I wanted to release something that was the face of joy. Popo Girando has everything to stay in the mouths of the people”, she believes.

“I’ve always been a fan of Psirico and Márcio Victor, I’ve always had a huge affection for him, so it was a total exchange of energy”, he says.

The funk artist pointed out what fans can expect from this new song. “A song they can listen to at barbecues, the beach, the pool and dance a lot! The chorus is very chicetinho”, he adds.

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Valesca Popozuda was one of the singers who took to the stage at Festival do Futuro to cheer up the people who attended the Esplanada for the inauguration of President Lula (PT). The funk artist was the last musical attraction at the event and celebrated the historic moment in her career.

“It was an incredible emotion, I was representing my people, representing women and communities. Started 2023 on the right foot. It was amazing, it’s a fresh start and I needed to be there representing women, minorities and the favela.”

The artist revealed what she expects from the next administration in relation to the demands of culture: “That there is space and respect for all artists, that the public continues to support, not only the band and known artists, but also new talents, musicians, producers and DJs”.

With a full schedule, Valesca Popozuda reported a little of what her fans will follow at Carnival 2023. “We are rehearsing, putting new songs in the repertoire, old and new hits! And, of course, working a lot on Popo Girando”.

Despite not mentioning any attractions for the date, the funk singer just said that she will be in several places in Brazil. “You will see me in Salvador, Rio, São Paulo and throughout Brazil”, she concluded.

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