TRX Exercise: Demanding Rope Sling Training

TRX is a new type of functional training that is currently very trendy. The exercises are performed on slings, which ensure particularly effective training due to their instability. Find out more about the new fitness trend here.


TRX: Functional Training with Straps, Loops and Bands

Fitness fans are currently swearing by functional training: away from boring equipment training in the studio and towards effective full-body training.

This is where TRX comes in: Only the TRX belt system is required, which manages with two stable attachment points. These can be supporting beams, trees or fences. This means that TRX training is possible both indoors and outdoors. At the end of the straps there are handles and loops into which the feet can be hung.

This enables three-dimensional training that is significantly more effective than static execution of the exercises. Push-ups, for example, become a full-body workout if your hands are supported in the shaky loops when you do them. Because the whole body has to be stabilized, instead of individual muscles, entire muscle chains are trained.

Training on the slings harbors a certain potential for danger

Sports scientists rate TRX quite positively. However, TRX is not the easiest workout and requires a certain level of fitness. Because the bands make it very easy to get used to bad posture if exercises are not properly stabilized.

Therefore, beginners are well advised to simply hold one position at first. It becomes easier if the bands are close to the body. When done correctly, however, TRX is a very effective workout that can be used to reduce weight and improve condition as well as to build muscle. TRX is also suitable for preventing back pain and promoting coordination.

The Best exercises for TRX Beginners

The primary goal of training exercises is usually to increase your own physical strength and to increase muscle volume and muscle mass. At the beginning, however, it is important to train coordination, especially with TRX training, in order to avoid injuries.

The following exercises are particularly good for a beginner:

1. Push-ups on the TRX band

The chest, shoulders, arms and abdomen are primarily addressed here, while the leg and back muscles also help with stabilization. This exercise requires good abdominal muscles and is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the chest and arm muscles and stabilizing the core muscles.

2. Abdominal ReCrunch

This variation of the crunches primarily trains the muscles: abdomen, legs and arms, with a supporting effect on the shoulder and back muscles. The ReCrunch is almost a crunch or sit-up, but in a prone position. A challenging exercise that trains all abdominal muscles and parts of the leg muscles. The hip flexors are also used.

3. TRX forearm support

This exercise is a static exercise, the aim here is to keep the body under tension for a period of 15 to 30 seconds. By continuously tensing the abdominal and leg muscles as well as the buttocks, body stability is built up here, which strengthens the torso and, above all, can prevent back pain.

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