Stephanie Sanzo- Instagram, Net worth, Age, Height, Weight – Biography

stephanie sanzo who is known among her fans as steph fitmom is an australian fitness celebrity and personal trainer. Today we’ll explore more details about a Fitness Model beauty name Stephanie Sanzo. Don’t miss out on this beautiful model Information. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at Table’s content below:


BiographyStephanie Sanzo

Stephanie Sanzo an amazing Australian beautiful fitness model and a social media Influencer. she was born on 2nd April 1987, Even at the age of 34,Her fitness model is the reason for her huge fan following. She is very famous as Stephanie Sanzo  name on social media. This 5’8″ tall and beautiful model steal to heart of many people. If you are interested in her life journey. she competed Jack she did like the show thing you know the competition and she got second in a few shows but she’s not famous for that that’s not what she does when I think of her other than the fact that I think she’s extremely good-looking Then, Keep Scrolling down.

Stephanie Sanzo- Instagram, Net worth, Age, Height, Weight - Biography

Stephanie Sanzo Before

In the event that a discussion about her initial life, Stephanie hasn’t revealed her own life data. In future assuming she uncover it, We’ll try to refresh all of you. This new movement saw Stephanie lose a huge sum weight. Nonetheless, after she gave a birth to her subsequent kid, a young lady, she experienced a pelvic prolapse. This kept her from proceeding with her running exercises.

Subsequent to searching for alternate approaches to remaining fit, Stephanie became inspired by power lifting. She began unassumingly, lifting a couple of light-weight free weights at home.

Subsequent to seeing she acquired muscle effectively, Stephanie chose to get herself an exercise center participation to begin preparing all the more truly. 

Stephanie sanzo Before And After
Stephanie Sanzo- Before And After

Stephanie Sanzo  Journey

Life generally give you hard difficulties just to ensure you are enoguh commendable for progress or not. Steph life venture likewise was excessively extreme for her. However, She substantiated herself best and consistently make a point to accomplish difficult work so everybody can Appreciate her. Not just this, She in Sprises various people for making their life best in their manner.

In 2012 .. I was in the beginning phases of my wellness process and was a full time cardio addict ????‍♀️ Although large numbers of my exercises were finished in a rec center climate – I was still excessively threatened to try and endeavor lifting loads there ????‍♀️ I used to watch individuals around me lifting and I was generally so fascinated and truly needed to check it out !! ???? Shortly after I purchased a little free weight set and unobtrusively began messing with them at home ???? This was the way I absolute initially started power lifting ????‍♀️⁣ 

In 2020 .. I presently lift 5-6 days per week and absolutely love it !! ???? Once I in the end began .. I immediately found my certainty and it turned out to be a particularly tremendous piece of my life ????????⁣ So in the event that you have at any point considered weight lifting however have been excessively scared to check it out .. I would truly urge you to venture out !! ????????????⁣

Stephanie Sanzo Instagram

Stephanie Sanzo is one of the best Instagram fitness model who admire her looks as well as she helps and motivate other to love Them-self. she has hardly shared any details about them publicly Stephanie sanzo has an enormous fan following on social media and with the help of her popularity. she advertises her work and fitness routines as of this writing. she wears bikinis posts Semi-nude pictures on social media and feel secure about her body. she has 2m followers on Instagram 2400 plus followers on Twitter and 1.3m followers on Facebook.

@Stephaniesanzo account info 3156 posts 2.5m followers 724 following

Stephanie Sanzo Workout Plan

To maintain her Fitness figure, workouts to looks incredible. Not only this she follows proper diet routine to enhance her beauty. We’ll update you soon about her whole day workout and diet plans. Sign up for getting updates fast. Stay connected with us to know more about these wonderful beauties.

1. Seated Barbell Press 3×5 (AMRAP Last Set) 

2. Seated Arnold Press 3×8

 3. Front to Side Lateral Raises 3x8ea (16 reps total) 

4. Cable Reverse Fly’s 3×20 5a. EZ Bar Overhead Extensions 3×10 5b. EZ Bar Rolling Tricep Extensions 3xMAX (Use the same weight as 5a) 6a. EZ Bar Preacher Curls 3×10 6b. EZ Bar Standing Curls 3xMAX (Use the same weight as 6a)

Stephanie Sanzo Wiki::Age, Height, Weight, Measurements ????

stephanie sanso stands tall at a height of 4 feet 10 inches 1.47 meters likewise she weighs between 52.2 kilograms to 56.7 kilograms 115 to 125 pounds she flaunts blonde hair and slim body type one she had gained over 25 kilograms weight after having two children and that worked as a motivation for her to work out leaving her to be a gym fanatic after three years of weight training and dieting stephanie got into a really strong physique now.

All about Stephanie Sanzo

Model Name Stephanie Sanzo
Famous As Stephanie Sanzo
Profession Instagram model, Fitness model
Nationality Australian
Zodiac Sign Aries
Hometown Australian
Currently living Australia 
Birth year 02-04-1987
Current Age 35(In 2022)
Gender Female

Body Type Pear
Eye Color Green
Hair Color
Boobs Size
Light Green
34-36inches, 91-97cm
Breast Size 36-38inches(Approx.)
Waist Size 30-32inch, 76-71cm
Hip Size 40-42inches, 102-107cm
Biceps Size 16-18inches(Approx.)
Shoe Size 7 UK
Height 4’10″[147cm]
Weight 115-125lbs(52.2-56.7kg)

Dad N/A
Mom N/A
Partner Jamie Bisset 
Marital Status married
Relationship Status Married,
Spouse None
Child Two Child

Schooling N/A
College/University N/A
Net Worth $2.5Million(Approx.)
Source of Income Social Media, fitness Trainer, YouTube
Instagram Account @staphaniesanzo
Facebook Page
Check Now
Check Now
Stephanie Sanzo

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ

FAQs Answers
Who is Stephanie Sanzo? Stephanie is a fitness Trainer Youtuber, Instagram Star, Fitness Model. Also famous as Stephanie Sanzo.
How old is Stephanie Sanzo? 34 years old
How tall is Stephanie Sanzo? 5’8″ tall
Real Name of Stephanie Sanzo steph fitmom
How much is Stephanie Sanzo worth? $2.5Million
Stephanie Sanzo height 4-Feet-10Inches
Stephanie Sanzo Partner Jamie Bisset

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