Reach your desired weight with this HIIT workout

Would you like that love handle on your collar, but cardio sessions in the freezing cold are just not fun for you? How about a home fat burning workout instead?

Coach LeaLight has created 15 intensive minutes in which you can challenge your whole body and really work yourself out.

The best thing about the workout: Since it can be carried out quickly, and you don’t need any additional equipment, you can do it quickly at any time – even during the lunch break in the home office.

This way, your body gets the exercise it deserves, even on cold and rainy days.

hiit workouts plan

That’s why a HIIT workout is worth it

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts are extremely taxing on your body, but they come with some benefits — like one study from the year 2019. The aim of the study was to find out whether HIIT workouts are actually more effective.

For the study, the test subjects completed HIIT training and running training at a constant speed at different times.

Nine minutes after each workout, the average calorie consumption was then measured.

The result: The HIIT group burned an average of three calories per minute, while the runners’ group burned just 2.8 calories per minute.

Are you convinced? Then you can now find out how to do the HIIT workout.

HIIT workout: 15 minutes Non-Stop

Get one for training non-slip base and it is best to have something to drink ready so that you can hydrate again immediately after the sports unit. There are no breaks within the 15 minutes. So it means: give everything!

Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds before seamlessly moving on to the next.

So that you can really do the workout without interruption, Lea explains at the very beginning what to look out for in the five different exercises. Understood everything? Very good – then let’s get started!

1. Lung Kick – both sides

The first exercise not only demands a lot of your stamina, but also strengthens your legs. In order to bring more stability into the matter, however, you should also tighten your core in a targeted manner.

Make sure to keep your upper body as straight as possible while performing the lunges. Your weight is on the front heel and the back knee barely touches the floor as you lower yourself.

2. Knee to Elbow Plank – both sides

It then continues with an intensive full-body exercise – have fun planking.

The most important thing here is the correct posture and tension. More precisely, this means: shoulders away from your ears, actively pull your navel up and keep your back as straight as possible.

Also activate the free foot by pulling your toes forward. You should also make sure to keep your head in extension of your body. So look down rather than forward.

3. Squat Kick – both sides

Now that primarily your upper body has been put under high tension, it is now your turn for your legs and buttocks.

With this variation of the squat, make sure that your weight is constantly on your heels. Your upper body should be as straight as possible without forming a hollow back.

In order to reach the desired muscle groups with the execution, put your mental focus on the working muscle strands – i.e. the backs of your legs and those of your buttocks.

4. Side Plank Crunch – both sides

The side plank then continues with high tension. Of course, the correct basic attitude counts here as well. So: Place your elbows directly under your shoulders, tighten your core and form a line with your body.

To make this exercise a little easier for you, match your breathing with the movement. Exhale as you contract your arm and leg, and then inhale as you stretch out.

5. Bridge Kick – both sides

Your limbs are already shaking, but you still have some energy left? Then give it your all again in the last exercise!

This exercise is about grabbing your toes with your diagonally offset hand – certainly a small balancing act.

“If it wobbles a bit in the exercises; let it wobble, let it pull, let it tremble – I can’t guarantee that I’ll always be strong and balanced,” explains Lea. “Take it how it comes.”

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